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Opening the Doors of Our Classrooms: Blogs

Integrating technology into the classroom is a must. As teachers, we need to increase student motivation in reading and writing to impact their learning and answer the demands of the "real world." The easiest way to address this problem is through blogging.

Podcasting a New Review

High school students are often reluctant to read, much less participate in analyzing and evaluating a novel or biography. By creating and sharing podcasts students will become excited when their classmates find and share books they enjoy. 

Publishing "I Am From" Poems in Powerpoint

Want your students to put more pizzazz into their writing? Become aware of audience? Use presentation software for more than electronic notes? This TechKnowFile describes how your students can write and workshop "I Am From" poems and publish them in a PowerPoint format with images.

Using Microsoft Word to Energize Revision

Want to provoke more revision in your student writing? Need a way to integrate more technology into your classroom but find yourself in a technology-challenged district? Would you just like to learn something useful? Step right in to Microsoft Word, arguably the most used word processing program in American schools.

Using Web Resources to Explore Graphic Novels - Not Your Parents' Comics

POW! ZAP! BLAM! The proliferation, popularity and acceptance of graphic novels in American culture increases every year. This is a unit or topic introductory classroom lesson teachers can use to expose students to a variety of internet information sources about graphic novels, their historical roots in comics, their popularity, characteristics and creators.

Wiki Wild: Using a Classroom Wiki for Collaborative Prewriting

Looking for a way to motivate students to engage with their  own writing and their peers' work as well? Are you so busy  trying to teach the basics that the important job of  integrating technology is getting left behind? Why not let  your students go a little wiki wild?