Teacher Consultant Database

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Megan Owens

2000 Institute
Teaching at Excelsior Springs Elementary
1987, 2006-2010 Institute
English Instructor at Missouri Western State University

Janis Pargas

2007 Institute

Chris Pasley

2004 Institute

Catrina Pelton

2007 Institute
Teaching social science at Maryville High School

Tracie Peters

2002 Institute
Teaching at Coleman Elementary in St. Joseph
1998 Institute

Rita Pospisil

2000 Institute

Breanne Preston

2005 Institute
Teaching at Skaith Elementary in St. Joseph

Lisa Przybylski

2002 Institute
Teaching special education in St. Joseph

Marie Puett

1999 Institute
Teaching at Gene Field Elementary in St. Joseph

Jan Reeder

1991 Institute

Jennifer Reents-Dickkut

2002 Institute
1989 Institute
Teaching English at LeBlond High School in St. Joseph
2009 Institute
Teaching communication arts at Spring Garden Middle School in St. Joseph

Tina Reineke

2007 Institute

Myra Reisinger

1993 Institute

Jennifer Ringot

2001 Institute

Kelly Robb

2004 Institute
Teaching at Hall Elementary in St. Joseph

Phoebe Roberts

1987 Institute