Teacher Consultant Database

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Gwen Funk

2002 Institute
Gifted Student Coordinator, St. Joseph School District

Markay Gallagher

1993 Institute

Catherine Gann

1993 Institute
Reading and Study Skills Coordinator at Missouri Western State University

Emily Garrett

1995 Institute

Susan Garrison

2002 Institute
Adjunct English instructor at Missouri Western State University

Greg Gildersleeve

2006 Institute

Diane Goold

1998 Institute
1991 Institute
Secondary Ccommunication arts coordinator and teaching communication arts at Bode Middle School

Nancy Green

1991 Institute

Charlotte Grider

2005 Institute

Amy Grier

2001 Institute

Luanne Haggard

2002 Institute
Teaching Social science at St. Joseph Central High School

Regina Harden

2001 Institute

Melisa Harper

2003 Institute
Teaching drama and language arts at Cameron High School
2007 Institute
Teaching at Skaith Elementary School in St. Joseph

Will Harvey

2003 Institute
2009 Institute
Teaching communication arts at St. Joseph Central High School

Geoff Heckman

2004 Institute
Guidance counselor at Savannah Middle School
2008 Institute
Teaching family and consumer sciences at Platte County High School
2009 Institute
Education professor at Missouri Western State University