Invitational Institute 2008 e-Anthology

Read pieces by the 2008 Invitational Institute participants!

  Name Title
Michelle Anthuis Always
Patricia Brost Picture Day
Stephanie Davis Dear
Tia Frahm Sunset
Sarah Larson The Letter
Leanna Lightfoot Plastic
Clara Liles In The Trenches
Cayeta Maristela The Next Generation
Jane Frick  
Tom Pankiewicz (Invitational Director) Mount Mora: School for the Living
Mary Lee Meyer (Invitational CD Coordinator) I Am From...
  Heidi Mick (Invitational Leader)  
  Kathy Miller (Invitational Leader)  
Heather Heidzig No More Enchiladas
Kate McAllen In The Trenches
Jennifer Millard Granny
Jeanne Moore Letter To Grandmother
Amanda Moyers Reflections
Dustin Sollars The Bitten Thumb
Rachel Spencer New Hometown
Celesia Taylor Stolen Truck
Erin Walker Memoir
Christie Hofmeister (Invitational Co-Director) Surge of 07
Terri McAvoy (Invitational Leader)  
  Valorie Stokes (Invitational Leader)  


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