January 2009 Kudos

Cayetana Maristela (2008 Institute) has published one of her 2009 Summer Invitational pieces in the Smithsonian Photography Initiative. Her piece is also mentioned in the NWP’s web article, “NWP Teachers’ Writing Featured on Smithsonian Photography Website.” 

Kathy Miller (2001 Institute), and Mary Lee Meyer (2002 Institute), have published teaching-writing-using-photos assignments in Hank Kellner’s Write what You See (Cottonwood press, 2009). 

Kelly Lock (2004 Institute), Amanda Moyers (2008 Institute), andJanet Jelavich (1998 Institute), have students who are 2009 Missouri Scholastic Writing Awards Contest winners. 

Heidi Mick (1996 and 2002 Institutes) and Prairie Lands Writing Project are featured on the OPENING page of the NWP’s website, in a “NWP in Action” article, "Missouri Teachers Create ‘TechKnowFiles’—Best Practices in Using Technology to Teach Writing.” The article describes how PLWP’s ‘Files” and provides links to the teaching-with-technology online units on our PLWP site. 

Jane Frick (2000 Institute), Pam Johnston (2000 Institute), Tori Grable (1991 Institute), Christie Leigan (2004, 2007, 2008 Institutes),Sandra Pettit (1998 Institute), Amanda Moyers (2008 Institute), Joe Marmaud (2004 Institute), Michelle O’Connor (2006 Institute), Jennifer Vermillion (2007 Institute), Patricia Brost (2008 Institute), Amy F. Miller (2007 Institute), Carma Burtnett (2001 Institute), Erin Walker(2008 Institute), Tom Pankiewicz (1987-2008 Institutes), Debbie Schwebach (2002, 2005 Institutes), and Meredith Katchen (2007 Institute) and 15 other area teachers participated in the national and Missouri Scholastic Writing Contest Preliminary Judging Sessions held at Missouri Western on January 10 and/or 17. In two marathon Saturdays, the group scored over 3000 At-Large and 193 Missouri Region creative writing entries submitted by middle- and high-school students from throughout the United States. This was the first year that Missouri Region sessions and the sixth year that the At-Large scoring sessions have been held at MWSU—sponsored by Prairie Lands Writing Project with funding for scorers provided by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers.