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December 2010 Kudos

TC Publications Listed

Jane Frick (PLWP site director) and Tom Pankiewicz (PLWP institutes director) are co-authors with Elaine White (Live Oak Writing Project site director) of (Re) Visioning Site Work: Extending the Reach and Relevance of NWP Sites, a National Writing Project at Work Continuity Monograph published in November. A copy of the monograph is available in the PLWP site library and online at

2010 Invitational participants and leaders have recently published Voices in Our Heads: Writing from the Prairie Lands Writing Project Summer Institute 2010: Kyla Ward, editor, and Mark Henderson and Amy Chastain, co-editors. The book is available in the PLWP site library or can be ordered through 

Kathy Miller (2001 Invitational) has been selected by the Weston, MO, Board of Aldermen as that community’s Poet Laureate. She and Debra Schwebach (2002 and 2005 Invitationals) were facilitators for the Missouri Writing Project Network’s "Pitfalls and Promises: Scoring Missouri’s End-of-Course Writing Exams," held at the University of Missouri – Columbia in September. 

Tori Grable (1991 Invitational) recently received a $2500 Dollar General Literacy Granat to use eBooks with Ipads to improve reading skills in below-grade-level readers at Bode Middle School. She made a presentation at the Missouri Middle School Conference in September regarding the piloting of iTouch Ipods at St Joseph’s Benton High School and Bode Middle School. 

Graduate Degrees and Certifications Awarded

Amanda Moyers (2008 Invitational), Renee Wilson (2009 Invitational),Kate Duffy (2010 Invitational), and Jenny Millard (2008 Invitational) completed the PLWP Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing at Missouri Western this summer and/or fall. Ann Dotson (2006 & 2007 Invitationals), Erin Walker (2008 Invitational), and Christie Leigan(PLWP program director), completed the MAS in Assessment: Writing Option during 2010. 

Sixteen area educators successfully completed the PLWP 2010 Invitational Institute and received their NWP Teacher Consultant Certification last September: Brittany Anderson, Platte County R-III Siegrist Elementary art teacher; Misty Burright, St. Joseph Hall Elementary School visual arts teacher; Amy Chastain, Missouri Western MAA in Written Communication graduate teaching assistant;Theresa Chrystal, NKC Staley High School Communication Arts teacher; Kate Duffy, Metropolitan Community College – Kansas City entrepreneurship coordinator and adjunct English instructor; Mark Henderson, Maryville High School English teacher; Michele Irby, Lathrop High School secondary mathematics teacher; Deana Judah, Parkhill South High School English teacher – beginning fall 2010; Mya Mikkelsen, St. Joseph Hall Elementary School grade 4 teacher; John Minnick, NKC Staley High School –English department chair and teacher; Kristine Reedy, Savannah Middle School speech/debate/broadcasting teacher; LeeAnn Romer, Mid-Buchanan R-V Middle School grade 7-8 Communication Arts teacher; Ahmad Safi, Missouri Western MAA in Written Communication graduate teaching assistant; Kathy Sardo, Savannah John Glenn Elementary grade 3 teacher; Alycin Studyvin, Cameron Middle School grade 8 Communication Arts teacher; Kyla Ward, St. Joseph Central High School English teacher. 

Prairie Lands TCs at the 2010 NWP Annual Meeting

Teacher Consultants representing Prairie Lands Writing Project at the annual meeting of the National Writing Project, held in Orlando, Florida in November, included Jane Frick (PLWP site director), Tom Pankiewicz(PLWP Institutes director), Valorie Stokes (1994 Invitational), Heidi Mick (PLWP professional development director), Jen Vermillion (2007 Invitational), Christie Leigan (PLWP Program Director), Mary Lee Meyer (PLWP technology Liaison), and Tyler Carlson (2009 Invitational). Making presentations at the meeting were Tom, "Investing Strategically to Build Site Capacity"; Jane, " Organizing and Prioritizing the Work of State and Regional Networks"; and " Explore the Scholastic Writing Awards, a Program of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers”; and Tyler, Mary Lee, and Jen, "Digital Composition Institute: Place-Based Writing" poster session. Also at the conference, Valorie facilitated the “Web Presence: Charting our Work so Far” session, and Heidi represented Prairie Lands at National Evaluation Research Study meetings.