Graduate Courses: Summer and Fall 2019 Offerings

PLWP offers institutes for MWSU graduate credit as well as MWSU graduate courses which are taught by National Writing Project Teacher Consultants; these PLWP courses are available to teachers at the reduced tuition rate of $75 per credit plus MWSU fees.   The PLWP summer and fall courses count toward three MWSU graduate degrees. These bargain tuition rates are ONLY available to teachers who pre-register for courses through Prairie Lands Writing Project.

See Directions for Pre-Registering Here.


Summer 2019 Courses: 


ENG/EDU 612 Seminar in Professional Writing (3 credit hours)

Meeting Dates: ONLINE May 28 - July 17


Course Description:  We are shaped both by the people who come into our lives and the places we move through--no matter if the interaction is momentary or lasts a lifetime.  Participants will learn how to synthesize primary sources, research, place descriptions, personal experiences, interviews, etc., into one creative nonfiction essay or personal memoir.  In addition, participants will learn how to take these more traditional forms of writing and recreate them in song, iMovie, scrapbook, pamplet, etc.  Ultimately, participants will learn how to teach these same skills to their students no matter what grade they teach.  We will read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot as well as other shorter texts.  Join me on this newest writing adventure.
Instructor: Kelly Lock-McMillen, National Writing Project Teacher Consultant and National Board Certified Teacher.  


ENG/EDU 502 Professional Learning Community: Professional Writing Retreat (1 credit)

Meeting Dates: 6:00 PM Friday, June 7, through 1:00 PM Sunday, June 9
at Conception Abbey's Guest Center, Conception, MO 


Course Description: This annual retreat for National Wrtiing PRoject Teacher Consultants is limited to 20 participants.  We will meet in the quiet, contemplative setting of rural Missouri at Conception Abbey to write, share in peer response groups, and participate in sessions on editing and publishing.  Dr. Marianne Kunkel, MWSU Assistant Professor of English, will serve as Guest Editor.  
Instructor: Dr. Susan Martens (, Prairie Lands Writing Project Director and Professor of English at Missouri Western State University.  
Note: This course requires an additional fee of $175 for single room and board at the Abbey's Guest Center. 



Fall 2019 Courses: 


ENG 567 Grammar and Teaching Grammar (3 credits)

Meeting Dates: 5:00 - 6:20 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, August 26 - December 13 in Eder 210


Course Description:  Teaching English Grammar is a seminar-based course designed for teachers and future teachers of English.  In class we will examine the nature of grammar itself by looking at the structure of English from a descriptive perspective.  Because the descriptive approach to grammar is based on actual usage by speakers of English, it is both more challenging to learn AND more useful in the classroom than the prescriptive approach.  ENG 567 will enable teachers to better understand and appreciate the grammatical structure of their students' language.  Through readings, discussions, and pedagogical exervises, teachers will gain the skills needed to help their students transfer that understanding of their own form of English to Standard English Grammar, a necessary skill for student success. 
Instructor: KDr. Elizabeth Canon, Assistant Professor of English at MWSU
Note:This course is offered every other fall. 


ENG 503 Literature for Children

Meeting Dates: 5:00 - 7:50 on Wednesdays, August 26 - December 13 in Eder 210


Course Description: This course is designed to increase participants' appreciation of children's books through literary evaluation.  Students will read and evaluate picture books, junior novels, and poetry. 
Instructor: Dr. Mike Cadden,  MWSU Professor of English and National Writing Project Teacher Consultant. 
Note: This course is offered fall semesters only. 

ENG/EDU 501 Topics in Teaching Writing: Writing Marathon Pedagogy and Practice

Meeting Dates: Class meets online and on campus from 9:00 - 4:00 on three Saturdays: September 7, October 5, and November 2. 


Course Description: Come learn about the writing marathon--a technique used throughout National Writing Project sites to inspire, support, and connect writers of all ages.  We will participate in at least two writing marathons in and around Saint Joseph, read current research about teaching applications for writing marathons, engage in robust pedagogical discussions, and design our own marathon-inspired projects and programs for students, colleagues, and community members. 
Instructor: Dr. Susan Martens (, Prairie Lands Writing Project Director and Professor of English at Missouri Western State University.