2009 "Writers Under Construction" Elementary School Camp

The campers came from elementary schools all over the city of St. Joseph, grades three through six, and gathered at Missouri Western State University from June 2nd – June 25th.

On some days, as many as one hundred eight campers gathered to journal, reflect, and respond to writing prompts and read alouds. We then shared our writing during open mic time and learned a great deal from one another’s work. Our teachers were very pleased to see us using the lessons we were learning about author’s craft as we wrote our stories. After open mic we met in literature circles and discussed the book we had chosen to read. Reading the works of popular, current authors gave us a chance to study how they crafted their stories. Break time came next and was an opportunity to relax, find inspiration, and make new friends. Following break, we reconvened in small groups to learn more about the craft of writing, to write more, and to share even more. We experienced a wide variety of writing activities that have helped us to become better writers.

Two special highlights to this year’s camp were the writing marathons we were able to take. Our first marathon took us around the Missouri Western campus. As we viewed the empty stage in the theater or the fountain in front of Eder Hall many of us found inspiration from writing in new surroundings. Our second marathon took us to Mt. Mora cemetery and to the Kit Bond Science and Technology Incubation Center. At Mt. Mora when were given the opportunity to learn about St. Joseph history as well as to write about that we had seen and learned from our wonderful tour guide. At the incubation center were able to tour the state of the art facility and spend some time writing about all that we learned and observed. 

To read the anthology for the 2009 Writers Under Construction camp, click here.